Covid lateral flow tests for the immunocompromised:  now available from pharmacies

Covid-19 lateral flow test - free from chemist for immunocompromised
Access arrangements for Covid-19 tests have recently changed.  Eligible patients - which includes those with CMML and MDS – can now get free lateral flow tests (LFTs) at their local chemist, as these can no longer be ordered through the government website or via NHS 111.
You can either pick the tests up yourself or ask someone to do it for you.  You (or your representative) will need to take proof of eligibility, which can be your letter of diagnosis, or any consultant or GP letter which mentions your condition and/or the supportive care you are receiving.  It is possible your regular pharmacy may already have a record of your condition, but it’s worth taking proof just in case.


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See 'Treatments for COVID-19 - NHS' ( for more details.

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