COVID-19 Vaccination and Treatment in Scotland and Wales


Getting your fourth vaccine

Some patients categorised as CEV (clinically extremely vulnerable) were sent appointment letters for a fourth vaccine in December, but when our patient representative for Scotland (Maureen) reached twelve weeks post third primary vaccination (confusingly sometimes wrongly referred to as booster), she heard nothing.

It was easy to book a next day vaccination at her local centre through the link below and she received this last Friday (no queues this time).

The same username and password as for the original vaccines. There is also a telephone number, if required:

Covid-19 treatments for those on the “Highest Risk List”

You have to fulfil the following 3 criteria to be eligible for consideration:

  1. A positive PCR test in the last five days
  2. Symptoms of Coronavirus that have started in the last 5 days
  3. Are a member of the high risk group (MDS is specifically included on this list under “Patients with a haematologic malignancy”.)

Health Boards can accept a positive Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test result whilst waiting for confirmation of PCR test in certain circumstances.

The link below provides a table of the relevant Health Board telephone numbers for you to call (open 7 days a week including public holidays). Treatment will be provided when this is considered clinically appropriate.

We heard that some haematology patients had not required treatment because their illness was improving or their Covid symptoms were very mild.

Apparently – clinicians are also informed directly of any high risk patient with a positive PCR test result.

Patients in Scotland should have received:

  • A recent letter from the CMO describing how to get a Distance Aware Badge or Lanyard


  • How to obtain a priority PCR test

You should use the link below and specify that you are in the highest risk group when booking - Or phone 119


No offers to date for Priority kits from NHS Wales.
One welsh MDS patient, Tony, reported having to apply for a normal PCR test after getting Covid symptoms, meaning that result may not be back within the 5 days when an antibody/antiviral treatment MUST be started.

He added that Covid is more prevalent in his village than at any time before.

If you have more news and feedback for England, Scotland or Wales – please forward it to

Please know we are continuing to communicate with NHSE to improve the situation on both vaccination and treatment

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