Channel 4: Looking for cancer patients to tell their stories for October 2012 TV fundraising event

Maverick TV are looking for paticipants for a number of short films about cancer to run during a new ground breaking fund-raiser on Channel 4 in October, called STAND UP TO CANCER. Money raised will go towards funding for cancer trials.

The films will feature in the live show and be instrumental in encouraging viewers to donate. Each 3 minute film will feature very different individuals affected by cancer and possibly their family and / or friends. The films will tell the stories of different age groups, different cancers (including rarer cancers), different impacts, both physically and emotionally, and each person or families unique way of dealing with the illness.

The main aim of each film is to demonstrate cancer can, and does, affect everyone, in one form or another. Maverick TV want the films to be surprising, unexpected and shocking but also inspiring. They will be shot in a striking, filmic way, with high end advertorial qualities.

If you are interested…

Timings are reasonably tight as Maverick TV are filming throughout September, with transmission the third week of October 2012. Those selected to have their story told will be filmed for up to 3 days; this will be flexible around health, work commitments, treatments etc. Most of the filming will be at home, or at other locations if relevant to your story.

Maverick TV have cast some of the films already, so are looking for the final few candidates – to this end, Maverick TV would like to speak to those interested by the end of August latest.

If you are interested or would like more information, call Producer Angela Arora directly on 0207 874 6659 or email, leaving your name, age and telephone number and an appropriate time to call, and she will contact you.

Click here for full flyer.


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