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A New Edition of the MDS Patient Handbook is out!

Being diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) can be a shock, particularly when you may never have heard of it.

MDS UK has now produced a new edition of the MDS patient booklet, created in cooperation with our colleagues from Leukaemia Care and Bloodwise.

At MDS UK, we felt there was an urgent need to revise the existing information material. We wanted to ensure that as many patients as possible would benefit from this in-depth booklet, and hence asked those two great organisations to join us in this project. It is highly necessary and beneficial to all patient groups to work together whenever possible, and save valuable funds that way.

This booklet has been written by Dr Sally Killick, Consultant Haematologist; Dr Dominic Culligan, Consultant Haematologist; Philip Alexander, Counsellor and Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist; Geke Ong and Janet Hayden, Clinical Nurse Specialists; and peer reviewed by Professor David Bowen, Honorary Professor of Myeloid Leukaemia Studies and Consultant Haematologist, St James’s Institute of Oncology. The booklet has also been reviewed by patients and we are grateful to Chris Dugmore and Claudia Richards for their valuable contribution.

The booklet has been written to help you understand more about MDS. It describes what they are, how they are diagnosed and treated and also the expected outcome (prognosis). It also provides information on coping with the emotional impact of an MDS diagnosis.

New Edition! Learn more about MDS with Our MDS Patient Handbook

If you wish to obtain a copy of the booklet please click here or contact us by email or telephone: or 020 7337558

A stock of booklets is also available at all of our local group meetings.

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