Aplastic Anaemia Awareness Day – 4th March 2015

Aplastic anaemia (AA) is a rare but serious acquired bone marrow failure disorder of considerable clinical similarity to the hypoplastic type of MDS.  In same cases AA  may also progress to MDS.

Given the link between the two conditions we often collaborate with the the support group for AA patients – Aplastic Anaemia Trust. Together we organise joint fundraising and awareness raising events e.g. annual Windsor Walk in May. We also run our local Patient Support Group meetings at King’s College Hospital in London in collaboration.

Click here for details of our next AA/MDS/AML meeting at Kings.


We support AAT’s efforts in raising awareness of this very rare blood disorder and promote the Aplastic Anaemia Awareness Day on their behalf. 

AA Awareness Day poster

Please read the AAT’s message to all its supporters below:

“On 4th March we will be holding the first Aplastic Anaemia Awareness Day in the UK when we are asking our patients, their families and supporters to help raise awareness of aplastic anaemia and the vital work of the Aplastic Anaemia Trust. The date has been chosen to coincide with the Aplastic Anemia & MDS Awareness Week in the USA.

It’s as easy as arranging a dress down day at work, holding a cake sale or encouraging friends and work colleagues to put their spare change in one of our cardboard collecting boxes. You can show your support by wearing an AAT wristband, pin badge or ribbon.

Perhaps you can educate others about aplastic anaemia by sharing your AA story in a local newspaper or radio station or use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends about AA and the work of The AAT. The more people know about aplastic anaemia the better!

Contact Bryony at Patient Support for collecting boxes and posters. Pin badges, wristbands, ribbons and other AAT merchandise are available from our online shop or from the AAT office.

You can help us make a difference!”

Bryony Partridge, Patient Support, Aplastic Anaemia Trust

Contact details:
The Aplastic Anaemia Trust
PO Box 289
TN40 1EJ

Tel: 0870 487 0099
Email: support@theaat.org.uk


Please show your support by marking Aplastic Anaemia Day!

For further information on Aplastic Anaemia please visit the website of the Aplastic Anaemia Trust – www.theaat.org.uk



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