The AMMO Trial


What is the AMMO trial?

MDS/MPN Overlap Syndromes are rare bone marrow cancers. They have features of both MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndromes - where too few healthy blood cells are produced) and MPNs (Myeloproliferative Neoplasms - where too many blood cells are produced).  One type of MDS/MPN Overlap Syndrome is CMML (Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia). For most patients there are no effective treatments available. Patients experience bone marrow failure, leading to fatigue, infections and bleeding, with a damaging overgrowth of white blood cells. 

The AMMO trial will test a new drug called ASTX727 to see how effective it is at treating and extending/improving the lives of people with these diseases. The trial is a comparison of response to treatment of patients with MDS/MPN Overlap Syndromes, such as CMML, taking ASTX727 versus best supportive care.



Chief Investigator - Dr Daniel Wiseman


Who can participate?

For MDS UK members, this trial is for people aged over 18 with a diagnosis of CMML-2, who have not received prior treatment with hypomethylating agents, such as Azacitidine. A more detailed list of inclusions and exclusions can be found on the AMMO trial summary.

Sites of the trial
  1. The Christie, Manchester-Open
  2. Churchill hospital, Oxford-Open
  3. Belfast City Hospital, Belfast-Open
  4. St James’s, Leeds-Open
  5. QE, Birmingham-Open
  6. Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen-Open
  7. King’s College Hospital, London-Open
  8. City Hospital, Nottingham-Open
  9. Southampton General Hospital, Southampton-Open
  10. University College London Hospitals (UCLH), London-Open
  11. University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff-Site in set up
  12. Beatson, Glasgow- Site in set up
  13. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield- Site in set up

For more information about the trial

Follow the links to the resources below that will be regularly updated by the trial coordinators with information, details of who to contact and more.

AMMO Trial Website

The AMMO trial website has a very clear, plain English explanation of the background & aims of the trial, eligibility criteria, contact details and more.

Read more at the AMMO trial website

AMMO Trial Summary pdf

This guide has detailed medical information about the trial design, objectives, contact details and the main inclusion and exclusion criteria.

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