About Our Events

Patient Meeting Events

MDS UK offers two types of patient meeting events:

  • National Patient and Family Forum Events
  • Local Patient and Family Groups

National Patient and Family Forum Events

Our patient and family forum events are open to all MDS patients and their guests and are free of charge.
It is a whole day event - starting about 10am - finishing around 4pm.
Patients and their families have the opportunity to participate in informal discussions regarding their quality-of-life issues living with MDS.
New therapies and patient treatment options are discussed, presented by our guest speakers – MDS specialist physicians and nurses.
Attendees are also given the opportunity to participate in a question and answer segment with the guest speakers.

We actively encourage all patients and family members to attend these information and support events.

MDS UK local groups

We started assisting the creation of informal local and regional groups – to enable patients to meet face to face more regularly and offer each other support. 

Typically - these informal local meetings last 2-3 hours - either as a coffee morning - or in the late afternoon - depending on patient preference.

We actively encourage patients and families to help run these groups - as MDS UK does not have enough staff to be present at all these meetings.

Much assistance and support is provided though!

The groups do not replace the advice and assistance we give from our London office – nor the National Forum event days we organise every year.

Detailed list and contacts of local groups can be found on our page: Local UK Groups

Please ask to start your own informal group

And of course - do check our Events page on our calendar page, for exact dates of any group meetings, anywhere in the UK.

We have also teamed up with our partner organisation Leukaemia Care, who run similar patient groups dedicated to any type of blood cancer disorders.
They have several patient groups in the North of the UK and some in Scotland see more information on our page: New Regional Patients Groups

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