For those who don't have a picture book Christmas and to fight materialism

Derbyshire Folk-Punk band 5 Hills Out are releasing their first ever Christmas single ‘Snowfall’.

Ben explains about the song:

“Snowfall is about fighting materialism and wanting to spend more time with family. It is for the people who don’t get the picture book Christmas and also the people who spend it alone, or fighting to survive in hospitals or on the streets. The chorus is about wanting the snow to cover up the broken towns and how a lot of people turn to drink to cover their problems at this time of year. It may sound depressing but the song is full of hope, heart and the overall feel is one that wishes for a better new year."

Snowfall - 5 Hills Out. Watch the video

Sophie, the CEO of MDS UK tells us:

"We assisted the family in the summer, as Mum Anne struggled with treatment.
We were so very sorry to hear she had passed away and offer our sincere condolences to the family.
The aim of this song is so important as many will be spending time in hospital, or like Ben's family, some will have lost a loved one to MDS or another type of cancer.The song offers support and caring thoughts. Thank you for sharing or even acquiring this song for Christmas."

Snowfall single cover: Buy it online!

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