Top 5 Wellness Tips

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Just a reminder from us here at MDS UK, to get in tune with a few tips to increase and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Remember to tailor solutions to your needs and seek medical advice from your CNS/GP to fit your individual requirements. 


Most people have their favourite dish which they could easily have a few times a week, whether it’s a very green salad or a super cheesy lasagne, the key is balance. Remember to limit processed and sugary food and drinks.  

Keep fruit, nuts, and seeds as part of your intake, as well as whole grains, healthy fats, vegetables and water. It’s also important be mindful of portion sizes. 

Watch out! During the colder months, we see a variety of new hot drinks and snacks brought to the menus of our favourite places. As amazing as a “Sweet Caramel Crunch Cake and Vanilla, Hazelnut and Chocolate Wonder Latte” sounds, be mindful of the sugar in the powders and syrups – they can be sneaky! Try to opt for more herbal teas than sugar- filled temptations.  

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We’re not saying to run uphill every day, but it’s important to get moving! To support a healthy brain and improve bone and muscle strength, incorporate some movement into your daily routine. This can include walking, stretching, swimming, cycling, or badminton. It’s key to keep up with having good circulation, coordination, concentration, improved mood, and reflexes. 

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Not getting enough sleep? Make it a priority to adjust your routine before bedtime. Although it is tempting and very easy to end up watching 2 seasons back-to-back, when you’re done, it could be 4am. Yikes!  

Consider setting a wind-down alarm to remind you to start getting ready for bed. Let’s say you want to be in bed for 9pm, try to start your night routine at 7:30/8pm to give yourself enough time. During this time, instead of watching television, maybe read a few pages of a book and have tea instead of sugary snacks. 

Sleep helps with improving your memory, weight management, creativity, concentration, and the feeling of being energised.  

Quality of sleep is important too, not just the eight hours. For example, drinking too many liquids before bed could have you heading to the bathroom multiple times throughout the night! 

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Seeing as the body is made up of approximately 60% water, it makes sense that we make sure to get enough of it. You don’t need to be severely dehydrated in order to feel the effects. 

Constipation, brain health and levels of energy are all affected by water, try to have one litre of water a day – but avoid having a bulk of water in the evening to save you from the midnight trips to the bathroom! 

As the festive season approaches there may be more booze available at dinner than usual, but still remember that you need adequate water. 

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This is a great way to relax at any time of day, meet new people and develop a skill. Hobbies can help you to avoid the feeling of being bored or engaging in habits that don’t support you having healthy, balanced life.  

You can search for clubs and groups in your local area to meet others with similar interests, such as chess or painting classes. You could try puzzles, model building collecting items, dance class or hiking adventures.

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