20for20 “Charity Shop”

Welcome to our "#20for20 Charity Shop". This is the place where our amazing fundraisers are swapping things for donations! What an excellent way to support MDS UK!

How does it work?

To Donate:

  1. Take a look at the available items below and decide what you'd like to swap. More items will be added in the coming days.
  2. Send an email to the address provided. Please put the name of the item in the subject
  3. The fundraiser or Jan -our Fundraising Officer- will be in touch shortly thereafter
  4. The fundraiser sends the item to your address!

To Fundraise using our "20for20 Charity Shop":

  1. Look around your house or make something to swap!
  2. Contact Jan at fundraising@mdspatientsupport.org.uk
  3. Start fundraising!

Items: Jean's Cross Stitches

Description: The very generous Jean Dixon has donated these cross stitches to the 20for20 shop, on behalf of participant Karen McMahon. They are absolutely gorgeous and sure to go quick! What a great idea for a birthday present! Can be framed, used as pillow covers, or simple decoration.  A4 & A3 sized (please enquire)
Suggested minimum donation: £40 each (A4) £60 each (A3) (+P&P)

Items: Molly Viner's "MDS UK by Autumn"

Description: Another gifted artist, Molly, has painted this glorious Autumn scene inspired by the MDS UK tree logo. If you like what you see, don't "leaf" Molly hanging! A3 size (unmounted)
Suggested minimum donation: £50 each (+P&P)
Contact: Email Jan (fundraising@mdspatientsupport.org.uk

Items: Rebecca Bennett's Animal Paintings

Description: One of MDS UK's talented artists, Rebecca, has been busy painting these beautiful animal paintings for her #20for20 challenge! All the paintings are 21cm x 14.5cm on artists' watercolour paper (unmounted).
Suggested minimum donation: £35 each (+P&P)
Contact: Email Jan (fundraising@mdspatientsupport.org.uk

Item: Christine Peel's MDS UK Christmas cards

Description: Christine has designed and produced these gorgeous Christmas cards for her #20for20 challenge! Keep them for next year.
Suggested donation: £7.50 for a pack of 10. Absolute bargain!
Contact: Email Christine directly on n1cmp@yahoo.com.

Free donations by shopping