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Quality of Life is an Important Treatment Goal in Patients with MDS

Dr. Fabio Efficace discusses the importance of quality of life as a treatment goal for MDS patients

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Researchers find new way to target blood stem cell cancers

Researchers designed an antibody that recognises and destroys CD99-covered leukemia cells while sparing normal blood stem cells

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What is CAR T cell therapy? Learn about how this immunotherapy works

CAR T cell therapy aims to boost the immune system to attack tumor cells Cell therapies, sometimes called “living therapies,” are an especially promising and rapidly growing area of cancer research.

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Stored Blood is as Good as Fresh Blood Reveals Study

Fresher is not better It’s been long thought that when blood transfusions are needed, it may be best to use the freshest blood, but McMaster University researchers have led a large international study proving that it is not so.

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Blood vs Bone marrow: New technologies can reduce the need for bone marrow biopsies

Bone Marrow Biopsies: a less painful alternative for routine check-ups Until now, bone marrow sampling has been the primary technique for routine follow-up checks on MDS patients after initial diagnosis

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Latest MDS research on the 57th ASH Meeting

An increasing understanding of the biology of the disease is creating more informed treatment decision-making and further therapeutic opportunities which can be explored

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