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Annual Cover?

Posted: 08 Feb 2017 17:58
by murrayfs
Hiya - anyone out there struggling to get Annual travel insurance cover for MDS? Since 2011 I have always used Columbus for travel insurance with no problem and my premium had come down to something like £72 for annual cover. When I tried to renew it this time (it had lapsed by a few months) they had changed the criteria on the questions and where only asking 2 questions: What was your last Haemoglobin blood count (options being under 100gl or over 100gl) and what was your last White cell count: (3 options - less than 4, between 4-30 or greater than 30) the answers I gave were with a normal range (I have checked this with my hospital) and they rejected annual cover, but would offer me single trip. Whilst I appreciate that MDS patients can change, I am someone who has the condition under control with medication and they don't seem to be taking this into account at all.

I wondered if anyone else has experienced the same problem - or if you could advise any companies to try? So far I have tried, Columbus and another company they recommended (can't remember their name), Freedom to travel, Ok to travel, and even just a standard insurance company on the off chance. They are all asking the same exact 2 questions.

I suspect this means I may be unable to get annual cover any more and may have to go to single trip insurance, but any feedback from anyone would be appreciated. I met some people at the Birmingham Forum this weekend that had obtained insurance through their bank.


Re: Annual Cover?

Posted: 13 Feb 2017 17:00
by janbev
Hi Fiona,
We have had problems with travel insurance but have been offered annual insurance via 'paying too much' for £600.00 Bev has mds, diabetes and heart problems so a lot of co's won't touch him. I have been told that 'insurewith' are good for cancer patients as are all clear. Every insurance company we have spoken to on this have asked what is his latest HB levels (over 10 or 100 or lower, WBC over or below 4. Never been asked more. Other people have used SAGA. Remember if you are travelling with companions they need to be insured with your company as if they have not declared they are travelling with a person who has health problems and need to claim due to your health causing a problem they will not be covered. Insurance companies like to have their cake and eat it. I must start looking at travel insurance soon - and looking at booking a holiday - just need to get motivated. It was nice meeting you and everyone else at Birmingham

Re: Annual Cover?

Posted: 16 Feb 2017 17:15
by murrayfs
Hi Jan,
thanks for your comments. I think I've tried one of the companies you've mentioned, but I will double check. I think the whole insurance world has changed its questions and what's frustrating for me is that I can demonstrate that my condition is kept medically very stable and my actual blood counts are within a "normal" range, which they should insure. They will insure me for single trips and when I asked one if they would insure me for a trip as far ahead as September they said yes! Surely this makes a mockery of it - but there you go. I will look at the companies you recommended for sure so thanks again. Yes- it was good to meet you at the Birmingham Forum too xx