London Marathon

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London Marathon

Post by janbev » 25 Jan 2015 12:29

Hi Everyone :D
I hope by now most of you will have seen that MDS UK has a runner in the London Marathon - hopefully this will raise a bit of cash for MDS UK. I have been very cheeky :oops: and emailed all my UK contacts with a copy of the article about Daniel (on the MDS uk home page) and asked if they are considering sponsoring a runner in the marathon that they consider Daniel and that even £1 would be welcome!
Within 10 mins of sending my email I had one response saying that they would sponsor him and would pass on copies of my email to friends and also put a printout on the notice board of their golf club. I am also putting a copy of the article on the notice boards at the University.

How about some of you doing the same - if we emailed 200 people and only 1 in 10 sponsor him for £10 it would raise £200! You never know we could raise lots and lots more!

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