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Club MDS Pot gone up big time today.


+ 40.00 Antheas pies donation - I told her not to she insisted a fight occurred!
+ 86.00 Kamnas cracking karaoke night, never intended to make extra money but after cost of Karaoke machine was covered this was left over and donated - thank you.
+ 5.00 book donation from Mel, Alun, Gillian and I have got some reads out of it for my holiday too.

New Club Total £ 647.47

Personal Total still stand £312.38
Plus £3744.45 that was sent a couple of months ago year from Personal and club total.

Plus £2030.33 that was sent this week c/o Turks Head Race.

(then of course we have the donations to Shooting Star today £179.00 plus £533.33 that they got from the Turks Head this week as did Delete Blood Cancer this week)

Then of course there was the MDS money raised by Brighton crew too and MDS money that is being raised by Matt Griffiths this month who is running 145 miles raising money for MDS. Then of course we have Bernies amazing magic pot that he has been collecting for a year on the quiet about, we still do not know this total.

There have been so many of you quietly giving or doing things for our club that have raised money for MDS; football, Hei Hing tin in the shop, Sami's Barber tin in the shop. People selling furniture/curtains in return for donations to MDS, people selling race numbers in return for donations.

THIS IS ALL INCREDIBLE BEARCATS, when life gets a bit overwhelming I stop for a second and look at this kind of thing and think THIS IS WHAT MATTERS, THIS AND HOW WE ARE AS A COMMUNITY, HOW WE ARE WITHIN THE COMMUNITY, AND HOW MUCH YOU ACHIEVE IN YOUR RUNNING LIFE OR YOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL LIFE. I think about amazing things like our Karaoke night and our Big Breakfast this morning, they were SO much more than just parties/breakfast, it is fantastic seeing you all together. PLEASE LETS KEEP WHAT WE HAVE, LETS NEVER DILUTE IT, LETS NEVER STOP SUPPORTING EACH OTHER. There are going to be times when we all need to step down from our running for whatever reason and just have time and space away, but that is fine, that is good too.

Thank each and every one of you for continuing to carry our Bearcat spirit, be kind to each other, be inclusive, be aware that we are all different and sometimes we need space and sometimes we need to be embraced even more and supported even more. Lets continue to be brave with our trying to help those who struggle with mental health issues, I never feel like I get it right - is there a right? I don't know, I just know that it pains me to know that some of you, quite a lot of you find life a real challenge sometimes.

Oh dear, I never intended for this little moment! I am just proud of what WE achieve, and it is WE, it isn't one person it is the combination of all of us together that makes a lot of what we do a thing to be proud of.

Right I will get off my duck pond and go and do the ironing!

Just keeping you all up to date!

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Let us know if you've entered! Please have a go for MDS UK! ... See MoreSee Less

REMEMBER! The public ballot for the 2018 London Marathon opens tomorrow morning and closes at 17.00 on Friday 5 May👉 bit.ly/2018Ballot

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