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£1101.25 in 6 days PLUS £325.00 yesterday at the Theatre.

Thank you, it was undoubtedly the hardest challenge I have done, not because of the swimming necessarily but because I had the wrong wetsuit on and I got cold, REALLY COLD after just 1 km - and yes there were other people swimming WITHOUT a wetsuit, and I was shivering my bits off and they thought it was tropical - I did later learn they were Channel Swimmers.

By stop 1 my hands were totally numb - thank goodness I had taken my gloves so put them on - putting swimming gloves on when hands are numb is nigh on impossible - thank you to the lady who did that for me and adjusted my hat - poor woman, I just accosted her.

My teeth were chattering under water and above, my hips solidified and I was like a very grumpy toddler internally. Externally of course I was projecting "NO, I'M FINE!!!" Except at 10k (second stop out of 4) It appears my attempts to disguise the shivering didn't work (they can ask you to stop if they are worried about you) so I got some rather royal treatment - ribena x 2, cliff bars, and the loan of a coat but then of course I had to bloomin' get back IN! Limmer not happy but didn't want to be told to stop so acting like I was loving every minute of it.

By stop 3 I was doubting I would do it, I stopped for around 10 minutes and borrowed another coat and had to have a serious chat with myself!! Getting back in that last time was not FUNNY and I think I was swimming backwards at this point. The marshal was very nice to me and I felt a real plonker as NOBODY, I mean NOBODY else was having a problem! It must be the ginger or maybe I am just a wimp!

The event itself is very well run, tons of canoes looking out for you, plenty of food and drink, and the route was stunning what you see of it, baring in mind your head is down doing crawl for the duration.

There was even a man who did BUTTERFLY for the WHOLE THING.

At the end I was met by Russell Cook and his wonderful wife (MDS Patient Support Group Deputy Chairman and friend), which was a JOY. So great to have their great support, appreciation and hot chocolate - so lovely.

And THEN ... just as I was about to go home WHO SHOULD APPEAR, BUT DONNA AND YENZ - WELL BLOW ME DOWN! Had a little cry as Donna came HURTLING towards me - they had only bloomin' cycled there! IT TOTALLY MADE MY DAY, THANK YOU!

Would I do it again ......... NO I BLOOMIN' WOULDN'T ... so please remind me of how many times I thought to myself "I REALLY HATE THIS!" when my finger hovers over the entry button next year. I DIDN'T ENJOY IT AT ALL .... but then of course you forget.... but this one may take some time ...

Thank you again for all support financial and friendship wise. I know that I am a very lucky person.

Its now 5.28pm - goodnight.

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MDS Patient Support Group raises money at Gangster/Gangsta Granny at The Garrick Theatre in London Town!

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